The Science of Cycling



Shimano technologies explained

We're in love with the scientific side of cycling and we want cyclists to be as excited about technology as we are.

On this page we will explain some of the innovations we’re most proud of: lighter, faster, stronger and more reliable cycling equipment inspired by the desire to improve. Through endless research and exhaustive testing procedures we’re continuously finding ways to do things better. Discover Shimano technologies through our series 'The Science of Cycling.'



Synchronized Shift Explained

Take Control with Shimano Shadow RD+. Enjoy a ride with the most stable drivetrain for the newest generation of mountainbikes. Its super low profile fits closer to your bike for more aggressive riding and the chain stabilizer reduces chain slap significantly. In any weather condition and on any terrain. All you have to do is keep exploring.



Di2 Technology Explained

Take control with Shimano Di2 electronic shifting. Change gears with instant precision at the click of a button – even under a heavy load while climbing or sprinting. On MTB, Road or Comfort bikes - in any weather conditions and on any terrain - all you have to do is enjoy riding.

No effort, no friction, no loss of power, no delay, no adjustment.

Discover all of the benefits in this first edition of ‘The Science of Cycling’.



Shadow RD+ Shifting Technology Explained

Shadow RD+ technology delivers unrivaled chain control and shift performance that doesn't degrade over time. A refined geometry augement's Shimano's already legendary performance stability. 

With a Shadow Plus derailleur, you will experience safe and silent riding under all conditions!